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Students & Teachers, save up 5% on Mac.

There is no better time to purchase a Mac for school.
Save up 5% on Mac. Get 5% off on select Apple accessories with your purchase. Visit your nearest Aleph store and talk to one of our friendly staff for more details.

Educational Support

Whether an institution in Saudi Arabia or abroad, qualifying students and teachers will benefit from instant discounts on Mac as part of our educational program. Aleph educational support offer is limited to university students and their parents’, and teachers and staff of any educational institution. 

Eligible Products

Aleph offer applies on all Mac models. Further offers apply on Apple accessories when bought with Mac.

Terms & Conditions

Applicants must submit valid institutional identification cards, an enrollment letter, or proof of employment verifying educational status. Any supporting document must clearly mention academic year or respective expiry dates.

Offer is limited to one device per academic year. Aleph reserves the right to refuse or limit the offer on any device shall there not be enough supporting documentation present.